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Unfortunately it has been necessary to postpone the following workshop. It will be rescheduled for July, please contact if interested.
*To be rescheduled*
Sat 28th May
Medical needs in & out of school - rights to a suitable education



Sat 4th June - 10am-12.30pm
Working together with the school to improve speech and language therapy in the classroom

Further details of these and other workshops - Workshops



Our helpline is closed for half term. It re-opens on Monday 6th June at 9.30am.



Please note that the Wednesday evening helpline from 8.30pm to 10.30pm is changing to Tuesday nights from 8pm to 10pm due to parent/carer demand and volunteer availability.

The last Wednesday evening helpine will be from 8.30pm to 10.30pm on 4th May.

From 10th May our evening helpline will be every Tuesday during term time from 8pm to 10pm

Our day time helpline operates during term time from 9.30am-12.30pm and 2pm-5pm, Monday to Friday (apart from Tuesday afternoon at the moment)



No Helpline Tuesdays 2 - 5pm

Please note that due to unforseen circumstances our helpline will not be open from 2pm to 5pm on Tuesday

Please also see above for details of our new Tuesday evening helpline. Our normal helpline hours can be found here: Helpline


*NEW* High Wycombe Advice Centre

Due to demand we now have an advice centre opening in High Wycombe on Friday 20 May 2016



Saturday 14th May - London

On the 14th May 2016 there will be charity walk around London, taking in the landmarks from the Monopoly board game. Lynn Charkraboti and her family have organised this event to raise money for SOS!SEN.

If you would like to raise funds for SOS!SEN you may sponsor one of the groups taking part or join in and take part yourself.

Further details can be found here: Fundraising Events

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Tea Towels    *Available*


Just the thing you need - one for the wash, one for the wall and one for the LA officer. A useful and cheerful product, and it protects you against many fishy words!

£5 (minimum donation) per tea towel.

Available from:
1) The 2 ALL 4Kids Shops - Hampton Hill and New Malden
2) SOS!SEN Advice Centres
3) SOS!SEN Workshops
4) Our office at 11a Creek Rd, E. Molesey (Mon - Thurs until 4pm)
5) By post - packs of 5 or more

Help us to help you by raising vital funds for SOS!SEN

Fall Ball Photos - Order Now

Photographs are still available from our Fall Ball by the wonderful photographer Paul Hampartsoumian.
Paul is donating a percentage to SOS!SEN.

6x4 print    - £5
9x6 print    - £7
9x6 print in card frame mount   - £8

Postage is an additional £3

Prices include VAT at 20%

Dispatch time from ordering is 3 working days, so would expect delivery within 7 days of ordering.

Prints will be delivered direct to person ordering.

The web gallery of the images from the Fall Ball with the facility to order prints is here, contact for the password:

Fall Ball Photos

Please note: SOS!SEN cannot guarantee that prints will be received by 24 December due to the 7 day turn around. This fundraising activity is being organised by a SOS!SEN supporter.


OKMT - Otakar Kraus Music Trust

OKMT provides music and voice therapy for children and young people with physical, psychological, learning, behavioural and emotional difficulties.


Volunteers & donations needed for our second All4Kids charity shop 

Following the succees of our charity shop called All4Kids in Hampton Hill, we have opened a new children's charity shop in New Malden called All4Kids2. 

The address is 117 High Street, New Malden, KT3 4BP.

We are looking for passionate and committed volunteers to be part of a team setting up and succesfully supporting the manager to run the charity shop. If you can spare a few hours a week to raise vital funds for the charity then please email with your expression of interest.

We also need good quality children's clothing, books and toys. If you can help please drop donations off Mondays to Saturdays from 10am.

* NEW Information Sheets *

We have two new Information Sheets available.

Education Health and Care Plans - what to expect in each section.

Negotiating an EHCP - the process to be followed when LA serves a draft plan.

They can be found here: Information Sheets


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Unfair and inefficient communication tactics from some LA representatives

We are receiving a heavy number of calls from people who have appealed to the SENDIST and are worried because they are often not receiving information from local authorities and their representatives in a form they can readily download.  Some have even missed out on the opportunity to oppose Requests for Changes from LAs because they had no idea that a document had been copied to them!  This has severely prejudiced the conduct of their case.  Even where a LA has informed them that a document has been sent, there is still a problem because of the complexity of the measures needed to download it.

Some LA lawyers are refusing to send information out to parents on anything but such methods, even though they know that SENDIST itself refuses to accept documents transferred by such systems.  These strategies are totally unacceptable, go far beyond password protection, and parents need to beware.

The problem often lies with the use of external websites such as Egress that may be used internally within some LAs, but are extremely cumbersome and complex for many of us to use.  The reason for using such methods is pretty obvious and not nice.

So what is to be done?

The matter is being taken up by a number of organisations, but our initial advice is to follow the Tribunal regulation below:

Sending and delivery of documents (a) 13 (3):  If a party informs the Tribunal and all other parties that a particular form of communication, other than pre-paid post or delivery by hand, should not be used to provide documents to that party, that form of communication must not be so used.       

In other words, inform the Tribunal and the LA that you do not wish to receive a particular form of communication.  If the LA continues to try it on, then inform Tribunal with a copy to the LA concerned.  Complain most strongly.  Generally, of course, straightforward use of emails and PDFs etc. is fine.


NEW!  Document Check and Drafting of Documents Service

Due to parental demand, SOS!SEN are pleased to announce their new document check and drafting of documents services for parents/carers. We still believe that it is most important that parents should take full ownership of their appeals but recognise that the option of having a document initially drafted maybe a soloution for those who are too busy to carry out all the work involved. Fees for this services can be found here.

Please note in very exceptional cases a SOS!SEN volunteer can take over a case for a parent and there is no charge for any work.

This service can only be offered to those who details are registered with us via previous and detailed discussion of their cases with the helpline, advice centres, 1:1 appointments, or our hands on workshops.  

Expressions of interest for this service and a form for this service can be found here.

Urgent advice for parents going to Tribunal

We are receiving worried calls from parents concerning less that ethically professional tactics being used by some LAs and their tribunal officers or legal representatives.  Click here to see the details and find out what we advise you to do.


Research into the Special Educational Needs Tribunal

We are now pleased to publish our Report on Parent Experiences of the SEND Tribunal.  It makes interesting and, often, worrying reading. Click here for the full Report.  The Tribunals Service has responded in detail; you can read their letter here.  We will be undertaking some further research in the future to get parental views on some specific topics.


SOS!SEN Welcomes its new Co-ordinator - Eleanor Wright

We at SOS!SEN are all absolutely thrilled Eleanor is taking up this post.  She will be with us full-time from late February.

Eleanor is a solicitor who has been specialising in Education Law for 18 years and has particular experience in cases involving SEN and disability, including social care issues.  She has been named for several years in Tier 1 of Education Law solocitors in Legal 500 and Chambers Guide to the Legal Profession, and leaves a nationally respected firm Maxwell Gillott (also ranked no.1 in Chambers and Legal 500) where she has been a partner.

Eleanor has long experience of working in legal aid for education and has been involved in many of the leading cases on SEN and disability law.  She has been a school governor for over 20 years, has a long involvement with the Dyslexia Association and experience of sitting on and chairing school admissions and exclusion panels.  She has been involved in a number of advice centres, workshops and training sessions with SOS!SEN for many years.

"I am absolutely delighted to have been appointed as Marion Strudwick's successor.  What the charity has achieved during her time as Co-ordinator is absolutely awe-inspiring.  It will be quite a challenge to continue and develop the work, but I really relish the opportunity at a time when there have been major changes in SEN law and when children with SEN and disabilities and their families need more support than ever to secure their legal entitlement at a time of funding cuts.  I am really looking forward to beginning work with SOS!SEN, particularly working with the wonderful and committed volunteers, parents, professionals and others already associated with the organisation."


Marion Strudwick retires as SOS!SEN Co-ordinator

At the start of 2015, and after nearly 14 years in the post, Marion Strudwick will stand down as Co-ordinator for SOS!SEN.  One of the founders in 2001, Marion has headed as a full-time plus volunteer the education and training side of the charity’s work and carried out the lion’s share of SEN Tribunal representation for parents.  Of her work, she says, “I’ve learnt so much!”

SOS!SEN started life in the front room of the home of Bob Parslow and Marion in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames following a decision by the LA to close Oldfield House, a much needed special school for children with behavioural and emotional difficulties.  So totally blinkered and undemocratic was the behaviour of the LA, that a group of parents, governors, and professionals decided that although they might not win the battle to retain the school, they could make sure that every parent in Richmond had the chance to get help and advice:  “We read up the 1996 Education Act, the Code of Practice, networked a range of professionals for help and advice, and set up a Helpline in 2002”. 

Quickly the word spread and SOS!SEN now has over 30 volunteers advising on the Helpline, at the Advice Centres and working closely with many parents on a case by case basis to help empower them to fight for their children’s education rights.  SOS!SEN is about to relocate to a much easier office to reach and is seeking to expand further its help to parents.  “This has been the most interesting work I have ever done in education and it has been great to work with so many committed and wonderful parents.”

Nonetheless, SEN legislation has changed and there are crucial years ahead to protect children’s rights.  SOS!SEN is now a very busy national organisation and it is a good time for change and for a greater legal input to be provided.  Marion’s successor has been appointed and will be named in the New Year.  WATCH THIS SPACE!  Everyone at SOS!SEN is thrilled at the new appointment and know it will take the charity to a higher level of national awareness and yet retain the friendly and individual case approach still to be headed by the volunteers. 

Marion will stay on as a volunteer and looks forward to working in any way the new Co-ordinator thinks will be useful to SOS!SEN.  “I have loved every minute of the work and have made so many friends amongst my colleague volunteers, parents, and professionals.  It is wonderful to find that so many parents are now volunteering to help others and with that caring attitude it is certain that SOS!SEN will go from strength to strength.  Thank you to everyone who has helped to bring SOS!SEN to where it is today and to all those who will take it further.”  

Everyone at the SOS!SEN team would like to say a huge thank you to Marion for all her hard work and dedication.

"Thank you for always being at the end of the phone to help.  Your advice has been invaluable and pivotal in making me realise that as a parent I AM NOT POWERLESS. Thank you!" Parental comment - 2014.