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A brief history

SOS!SEN was started in 2002 by a small group of people who had spent much of their lives in education or related services.

We have now been joined by a number of parents and other friends who have children with special education needs and have successfully been through “the system”. We now have a team of 25 part-time volunteers.

SOS!SEN began from a recognition that many parents and carers were not fully aware of their children’s rights to an adequate education and of the way to obtain them.

The Helpline alone now deals with some 3,000 first time calls each year, and the recent success rate at Tribunal for parents who have attended our workshops or been guided through by us is approximately 95%.

This demonstrates very clearly that many parents can be successfully empowered to run their own cases and particularly when they have the reassurance of back up via the helpline, advice centres, the website information, or the workshops.