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How We are funded

SOS!SEN is a registered charity. To ensure our total independence, we do not accept offers of financial help from local authorities or from any other source where there could be conflict of interest.

We rely totally, therefore, on donations from our legal letter writing sevices, 1:1 advice meetings, our webinars, Workshops and other fundraising events, some of which our parents organise for our benefit. Our Charity Shop in Worcester Park also provides financial support to SOS!SEN. If you have any donations for our Charity Shop see our Charity Shops page. Or if you would like to sell something on eBay and contribute part of the proceeds to us then that would be very welcome. 

We are greatly indebted, not only to our growing team of volunteer staff, but also to the professionals who support us and the ongoing support from parents who have been helped by SOS!SEN in the past.


For more information on how you could contribute, view the Support Us page.